Ultimate Combat Fitness Test


The Goal of the Ultimate Combat Fitness Test (U.C.F.T) is to recognize and pay tribute to our United States Military and to bring awareness to the physicality that goes into serving our country.

The U.C.F.T will give our testers an insight on the link between fitness and combat readiness for our soldiers.

The U.C.F.T will be on March 30th @9am.

All you have to do is purchase our special U.C.F.T Shirt for $25.00 to participate in this challenge! Get ready to be tested to the limit!

Testing will consist of 6 different events:

  1. Deadlift Test
  2. Standing Power Throw
  3. Hand-Release Push up
  4. Sprint-Drag-Carry
  5. Leg Tuck
  6. 2 mile Run

After each event the Tester will be given a Grade between 0-100. At the end of all 6 events the testers score will be averaged out. To pass the U.C.F.T, the tester will need to make an average greater than 70.

Can you pass the Ultimate Combat Fitness Test?

There will be PRIZES given out for the TOP 5 SCORES! #BeUltimate


1) Deadlift
  • Men 1.5xBW
  • Women BW
  • Each Rep is 10pts
  • Max Grade is 100 “10 Reps”
2) HR Push Up 2min Max Rep
  • Men- Each Rep is 1.43pts Max Grade is 100 “70reps”
  • Women- Each Rep is 2pts Max Grade is 100 “50reps”
3) Standing Power Throw
  • Men 20lbs each Yrd is 8.33pts
    • Max Grade is 100 “12yrds”
  • Women 10lbs each yrd is 12.5
    • Max Grade is 100 “8yrds”
4) Sprint,Drag,&Carry 5,10,15,20
  • Men 75lbs bag 50lbs DB
  • Women 50lbs bag 35lbs DB
  • 2:30 and less 100
  • 2:31-2:40 99-90
  • 2:41-2:50 89-80
  • 2:51-2:50 79-70
  • Etc all the way to 0
5) Leg Tuck Pull Ups Max Grade is 100
  • Men- each Rep 5pts (20rep = 100pts)
  • Women- each Rep is 7.69pts( 13reps =100pts)
6) Two mile Run
  • 13mins and Below is 100pts
  • 13:01-14min 90pts
  • 14.01-15min 80pts
  • 15.01-16mins 70pts
  • Etc all the way to 0

At the end of the event we add up all the scores and divide it by 6 to get average score 70 and above is passing

Article by Ultimate 48 Fitness