UFLEX - The New Kind of Cross Training


Looking for some competition in your workouts? You’ll find it in #UFLEX. Programmed around functional training, UFLEX incorporates strength training, intense circuits and power movements. This is a trainer-lead group, lasting 60 minutes.

How do UFLEX?

This is an advanced to intermediate cross training group. We prefer people who know their way around a barbell and have had some weightlifting experience. However, if you are totally new, don't despair! Ask your coach about a group that's right for you.

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Heavy Lifts Are Just Part of It

Our strength training coaches will help you build muscle and strength with our innovative programming in a safe and controlled environment.

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There is no "I" in "Team"

When you participate in a UFLEX class, you are not only taking your fitness to the next level, you are also doing it as part of a team.

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Endurance Built The Right Way

Our trainers are masters at getting your heart pumping. With expertly crafted workouts, their high energy, encouragement, and accountability our trainers will push you past your limit to get things DONE in a safe and motivating environment.

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Form is Everything

Our coaches work on your form during the functional movements. We coach you to take on the world!