UFIT- A New Group Training Experience

Our Mission

With every UFit session we strive to create a fun, high energy environment to get you moving towards your fitness and wellness goals.

How do UFIT?

UFIT is a 6-week program with as many as 10 workout sessions a week.  You can come to as many as you want! UFIT sessions are conveniently scheduled throughout the day so there is always a class that fits YOUR schedule!

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Get Your Heart Rate Up

Our trainers are masters at getting your heart pumping. With expertly crafted workouts, their high energy, encouragement, and accountability our trainers will push you past your limit to get things DONE in a safe and motivating environment.

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Get Stronger Every Session

Did you know that muscle burns fat? Did you know that resistance training burns more calories after the workout is complete than any other type of training? Our coaches bring a wealth of strength training knowledge to every UFIT session.

Not Just Cross Training, It's Life Training

UFIT isn't just your regular cross training, it's LIFE training. Our coaches incorporate weighted and body weight  movements that mimic everyday activities (like lifting a case of water from the bottom shelf at the grocery store) to help you get strong, live safer, and be more productive.

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This Isn't Your Average Warm-Up

UFIT coaches create a fun and engaging way to get ready for your workout. Stretching at the beginning and at the end of every session ensures that you are ready to take on the day (or the night) like a champion.

So, UFIT or Not?