Jordan Afman: Trainer Spotlight

Jordan Afman, born in Marshall, Michigan as a bat boy for Spring Arbor College. Jordan has been a local to the Chattanooga area since the age of 5. Raised on faith, family and football, Jordan’s passion for coaching and mentoring others was cultivated from an early in his childhood. After graduating Gordon Lee High School, Jordan went on to play football at the University of West Georgia. He returned back to his hometown to work for Peyton Manning’s D1 Sports Training and Therapy. There he gained experience training and mentoring high school, collegiate and professional athletes. He was recently voted 2016 Chattanooga Best of the Best for helping clients with the diverse fitness backgrounds.

Also, a writer of City Scope article, “Thoughts become words, words become actions. Since the brain controls every aspect of the body it all starts with your thoughts, and that means every day and every repetition can be a learning experience. Press those negative thoughts out of your mind and remember that the windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror for a reason. When starting any type of routine it is important to stay positive and realize that most growth happens in community with others just as iron sharpens iron. Encourage yourself to succeed and others in your realm of influence. Remember that your body’s “age” is biological, not chronological.”


Article by Ultimate 48 Fitness