Kseniya Burns

Nutrition Coach / Digital Marketing & Design
kseniya burns is a nutrition coach and a marketing guru at u48fitness

Specializations: Nutrition Coaching, Corrective Exercise Training, Post Physical Therapy Rehabilitation, Older Adult Fitness

Certifications: NASM CPTPrecision Nutrition, NASM CET, NASM FNS

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Kseniya (Coach Kay) Burns is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer and corrective exercise training specialist, Precision Nutrition and NASM certified nutrition coach, a writer, a cookbook author, and a runner. She has traveled widely and often incorporates international influences in her recipes and training.

We wanted to tell you more about her, but we decided to let her do it herself. Here's Kseniya's letter to her clients and industry peers.

"Hi, folks!

I want to tell you a little bit about me. I’ve changed my career to change my life. Former office warrior, I was unhappy, tired, overweight and often very sick. I struggled with yo-yo dieting, crazy fitness routines and spotty gym attendance. I must have tried it all! Dance, spin, step aerobics, lifting, CrossFit, the list goes on… I never could lose the weight I wanted to lose, the exercise habit never seemed to stick, and I slid off of the latest fad diet the moment Friday rolled around. I had no idea what I was doing wrong and in the meantime the pounds packed on, bad habits were built on top of other bad habits, and I slowly slid into the pit of depression and self-pity.

It took years for me to grab the bull by the horns and truly dive in to discover the root of the problem. I observed fitness pros, studied the behavior of fit and healthy people, read, researched, and finally I had a moment when it all came together: sustainability, sanity, compassion, and unbiased accountability is what was lacking in all of the programs that I subjected myself to.

I’ve always enjoyed helping people reach their true potential and take their lives to another level. Whether it is through fitness and nutrition or through speaking, writing, and coaching, I have been helping folks in all walks of life to unearth their inner strength and bring it to the surface.

I have founded Fierce Miles on the concept of sanity and sustainability. I teach my clients how to make small, gradual, and measurable changes in their daily routines to achieve lasting fitness success. I create personalized, easy to follow diet plans and training practices to meet the client at their level. This is what makes my approach successful and applicable to almost any personality, age and fitness level."

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